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Lessons Policies

Please read the following very carefully and fill out the signature form.

Studio Information

Students who take lessons with Sarah Granger can expect to receive high-quality individual instruction on instrument technique, musicianship, & maintenance, as well as music theory. 


Mrs. Granger began her music training at age 6 & has been involved in music in various ways since childhood, including private lessons, orchestra, choir & church music.  She obtained her bachelor’s degree in music education from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2011.  She has 11 years of teaching experience, including classroom music & strings, working with students from kindergarten through middle school.  In 2021, she received her certification in Levels I-III of the Kodály concept with Texas State University.  She now works privately with violin,  piano & voice students of all ages to prepare them for a lifetime of musicianship. 

Details & Financial Information

There will be 37 teaching weeks this school year.  Tuition includes 34 scheduled lessons, 2 performance classes, & 1 group class/celebration. Lessons will take place once per week. Tuition may be paid by year, semester, or by the first lesson of each month.  Recitals will be an additional cost & will be announced as needed.

Tuition is divided into 10 equal monthly payments, August through May.  The number of lessons will vary month to month.  Tuition is calculated per school year.  See the studio calendar for the scheduled lesson weeks.

Payment Options
Payments can be made via cash, check, Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal (*Please select the friends & family option).
Venmo: @musicathomegtx               PayPal: @musicathomegtx               Check: Music at Home

Commitment and Communication

Parent/teacher communication is imperative to your child’s educational experience. If you ever need to reach me, please feel free to email me at or call/text (512) 316-9976. Important announcements are sent out monthly via email.   It is vital that you read these emails & take action when needed.  Please add me to your contacts list to avoid them being filtered to your spam folder & let me know ASAP if you are not receiving my monthly emails.

You are committing to, at minimum, a full year of lessons.  When learning a new instrument, it is encouraged to commit for at least a year to develop some progress in the child.  It is important we choose a day and time that will work consistently for your schedule.  Should you wish to end this contract early, 30-day notice must be given.  Your commitment helps me plan activities and keep a consistent schedule.

Missed Lessons

Students are offered two re-scheduled lessons per semester.  A make-up for missing a lesson, even with advanced notice, is not guaranteed.  Lessons missed due to teacher absence will be rescheduled. Lessons missed due to school closure (extreme weather) will not be rescheduled. Make-up lessons are available when 48 hour notice is given for the cancellation of a lesson, or in the event of a last-minute illness or emergency when communication is made as soon as possible.  Make-up lessons will take place at Mrs. Granger’s home or can be virtual, except students taking lessons at school.  Virtual lessons are available & encouraged in lieu of canceling.  If you wish to make-up a lesson, please reach out to let Mrs. Granger know that you would like to:

1. Be informed of any vacancies due to cancellations that come available, & we will schedule your make-up during one of those slots.
2. Look ahead for flex days in the studio calendar, & ask about available times on the next flex day.   
3. Lengthen following lessons to make up for the time (as appropriate to student age, if schedule allows).

Make-ups will not accumulate.  If, at the end of the semester, you were unable to attend more than two lessons, & neither of the missed lessons could be scheduled in a cancellation vacancy or on a previous flex day, you will still be offered one make-up lesson on the last flex day.
Tuition is nonrefundable. In the event that a student/parent chooses not to reschedule a missed lesson by the next flex day & at latest, end of the semester, the tuition will be forfeited. 



Method books: In most cases, Mrs. Granger will have method books on hand, & you may purchase the books your child needs from her by adding the cost to your monthly lesson payment.

Students must come equipped for each lesson with their method books as well as a binder with blank paper & any additional sheet music that I’ve provided.  At home, they will need a music stand (foldable is fine), pencil & a metronome (either a dedicated device or a smartphone/tablet app).

A designated bag for all items is encouraged.  Give your child a sense of responsibility by reminding them to carry it!

Violin students will also need their instrument, shoulder rest, cleaning cloth, rosin, Students age 4-6 will begin with a box violin, which can be made at home or purchased.

Piano students will also need a practice piano or keyboard for home.  An acoustic piano is preferred; high quality electric pianos with weighted keys are acceptable.

Voice students may also need to purchase individual songs as needed.  In most cases, Mrs. Granger will provide the materials your child needs.  


Other Policies

Parent & Practice Expectations: Parents are welcome & encouraged to attend the lesson, especially for younger students.  Siblings are always welcome at the studio.  Please keep in mind that if you are attending the lesson, it is for the purpose of knowing what your child is learning & to be equipped to guide them during at-home practice.  Therefore, if you are unable to give most of your undivided attention to the lesson, it would be better for your student to attend without a parent.  This policy helps minimize distractions & allows students to receive the highest quality instruction. 

For those parents attending lessons, it is helpful to write a list of practice items for your child for the week with either a time to spend on each, or number of repetitions (whatever works best for your child).  Guiding their practice will help them to be successful!  Daily practice is encouraged - 10, 20 or 30 minutes as you see your child is able.

The Granger Home 
Students taking lessons at Mrs. Granger’s home must be dropped off & picked up in a timely manner, as lessons are scheduled back-to-back throughout the day.  When the porch light is on, please enter quietly (in case another lesson is in progress), wash your hands, & find a seat.  There is no need to knock or ring the doorbell unless it is your lesson time & the door is locked.

Children should not be allowed to roam freely throughout the Granger home or play in the backyard unsupervised.  In the event of property damage caused by a child, the parent/guardian will be responsible for all repairs or replacements. We hope that this will never be a problem, but we understand that accidents happen. 

The Granger family thanks you for your cooperation and understanding of these policies.

Lessons Policies Agreement

Please Enter your information below and sign to indicate that you agree with the policies listed above.

I agree to the terms of this 2024-25 studio handbook, tuition payment (amounts as discussed), calendar, and studio policies.  I understand that these policies may change in the future and that I will be notified of any changes in writing.  I understand that if I do not pay for lessons in a timely manner, lessons will not continue to be given.

Photos and/or videos may be taken for promotional/educational purposes. Will you allow the use of photos and/or videos of your student(s) for this purpose?

Questions about Policies?


(512) 316 - 9976


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